URGENT!! Expressions of Interest. Are you interested in joining the next TFGA Buying Group?

09 July 2020

Congratulations to all of our TFGA members who joined the third TFGA Buying Group with an expected saving of over $1 million over the next 1-4 years.

TFGA are gauging interest with its members to see if there is enough interest in running a 4th TFGA Buying Group. To date we have assisted a lot of our members to take advantage of all time low tariff rates and to save money on their energy costs.

There are still members out there that have not taken advantage of this opportunity and we would like to help you save money in this tough COVID-19 time. There are no upfront costs to you.

Before energy tariffs start to rise again, let us know if you would be interested in taking part in the 4th TFGA Buying Group.

Please let Kylie Donaghy – Senior Policy Advisor know if you are interested or would like more information by no later 5pm Wednesday 15th July 2020 via email kylie.donaghy@tfga.com.au or phone 6332 1800.