TasFarmers makes submissions at a local, state and federal governmental level representing the interests of its intensive agricultural industry members

The role of TasFarmers is to provide Tasmanian farmers with the best representation possible and to advocate at state and national levels in order to achieve the best outcome for farmers. Below you will find our recent and historical submissions that are available for download. Please click on the link to the right of the summary to open the file.

Tasmanian State Budget 2023-24 - Community Consultation Process

This submission details a range of recommendations to assist the growth and prosperity of Tasmania’s agriculture industry across the supply chain. These recommendations have been broadly categorised under four key priorities: labour and training, water infrastructure and resources, sustainability and traceability/biosecurity.

Draft Biosecurity Regulations

This submission underpins the TasFarmers support in a proactive, effective, and shared responsibility approach to biosecurity at all levels and understands the vitally important role that strong biosecurity measures play in protecting Tasmanian agriculture and the environment.

Roads and Jetties Amendment Bill

This submission acknowledges and appreciates the requirement for management and development of the State’s road network. Whilst acknowledging matters raised and addressed in recent correspondence, TasFarmers continues to have significant concerns regarding elements of the proposed amendments.

Preparation of the Tasmanian Primary Produce Traceability Strategy 2020 – 2027

This submission indicates TasFarmers believe that all stakeholders within in the livestock production supply chain have a duty of care to ensure that animals are treated humanely and in accordance with relevant animal welfare legislation. Tasmanian livestock producers have made significant investment to ensure they are achieving the highest possible animal welfare outcomes within their businesses and are committed to the continuation of these standards.

2021-2022 Budget Community Consultation

TasFarmers is pleased to provide our submission to the 2021-22 Budget Community Consultation. Agriculture continues to be an important economic pillar for the state’s economy, which provides flow on benefits to tourism; the Tasmanian brand; and to rural and regional communities across Tasmania.

Draft Report of the Independent Review of the Agvet Chemicals Regulatory System

This submission makes comment on the Independent Review Panel’s Draft Report of the Independent Review of the Agvet Chemicals Regulatory System. TasFarmers acknowledges the intentions of the Panel in their recommendations and welcomes the opportunity for improvement to the current system. A number of the proposed recommendations will be critical to ensuring that the system is fit for purpose in an ever-evolving agricultural industry.

Farm Management Deposits Scheme Evaluation

This submission makes comment on the Farm Management Deposits Scheme (FMDS) Evaluation. The FMDS is an important financial risk management tool available to eligible primary producers which encourages increased financial self-reliance and preparedness for fluctuations in cash flow.

Pacific Labour Mobility Consultation

This submission makes comment on the Pacific Labour Mobility Consultation. TasFarmers views labour shortages, which have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, as being one of the major issues currently faced by the agricultural industry. The issue is widespread, predominantly affecting the horticultural, dairy and meat processing sectors across the country and causing major disruption to supply chains.

Parliamentary Inquiry into Definition of Meat and Other Animal Products

This submission makes comment on the Parliamentary Inquiry into Definition of Meat Products and other animal products. Agriculture is one of the key pillars of the economy and, with the current level of support from government, are well positioned to further capitalise on the stature of Tasmania agriculture.

Wildlife Trade Operation Proposal – Exporting Wallaby from Tasmania

This submission makes comment on the Wildlife Trade Operation Proposal regarding exporting of wallaby from Tasmania. TasFarmers consulted with our members to ensure all points of view were considered and meaningful information was gathered to secure good representation for this submission.

Waste and Resource Recovery Bill 2021

This submission makes comment on the Waste and Resource Recovery Bill 2021. TasFarmers consulted with TasFarmers members and a key stakeholder to ensure all points of view were considered and meaningful information was gathered to secure broad representation for this submission.

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