A united voice for Tasmanian farmers to ensure the growth, sustainability
and profitability of the agriculture industry in Tasmania

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We are here to support you and your farm, your local community and primary industry
by offering services that are crafted by farmers for farmers.

Biosecurity - It's everyones business

Biosecurity is the protection of industries, the environment and public well-being,
health, amenity and safety from the negative impacts of pests, diseases and weeds.

We want livestock producers to be prepared, vigilant and on the lookout. How can you help?

Who We Are

A united voice for agriculture in Tasmania

TasFarmers is an active and powerful advocacy organisation dedicated to the best interests of all farmers, and to making a difference in rural communities in Tasmania.

In a world of social, economic and environmental volatility, combined with increasing regulation, TasFarmers provides a strong, united voice to ensure our Tasmanian farmers are represented when decisions are made that impact Tasmanian agriculture.

TasFarmers is committed to achieving this through active, effective engagement and advocacy with all levels of government and other stakeholders, to ensure our members can continue to operate sustainable, profitable agricultural businesses.

Primary Production is a vital
part of the
Tasmanian economy


Farm Gate
Value for


land occupies
in Tasmania


more food is produced
than consumed
by residents in the state


agriculture is the
9th largest employer
in the state

* Reference: Tasmanian Agri-Food ScoreCard 2020-21

What we do

Advocating for Agriculture

TasFarmers represents the interests of food, fibre, primary production in Tasmania by making submissions and raising awareness on issues that have signification bearing on operational impacts as well as fostering future investments.

Our policies relate primarily to management of our strategic operating environment – what are the key issues affecting our members and developing a solution to that issue. Through effective policy and submissions, we aim to create an environment for farmers that enables profitable, safe and sustainable production, within a community that values and respects the farm sector.

To develop effective policies we have a structure that utilises our most important asset, it is our members.

Premier Minister for Ag TFGA CEO

We are here for you

As the largest advocacy group in Tasmania and the only one that focuses exclusively on farming and the rural sector, the future of Tasmanian agriculture is our focus. By becoming a member of TasFarmers Association you will help improve the profitability and sustainability of our +$2 billion industry.

We deliver strong representation at local, state and national levels to ensure the needs of Tasmanian farmers and the agricultural sector are well understood and acted upon.

Bottom Line – We work for Tasmanian Farmers

Member Benefits
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TasFarmers Projects

TasFarmers is currently involved in a number of industry projects aimed at benefiting farmers across Tasmania.

Projects that are aligned with TasFarmers Council and Committee priorities will protect and improve our members capacity to be profitable and sustainable, while simultaneously promoting the organisations role in Tasmanian agriculture.

Projects include Biosecurity, Advancing Organic Agribusiness, Kids to Farms, Red Meat IDO, Living Next Door to a Farmer, Heavy Vehicle National Law, Landcare Action.

Current Projects
Biosecurity Project_Marcus+Minister+Felicity

Farm Business Resources

The resources supplied in this section are designed to assist you in the day-to-day operations of your farm business.

Whether you are suffering hardship and loss from a natural disaster, or you just need the award details for your employees, we have a full comprehensive source of links, downloads and resources available for Tasmanian and interstate service providers.

This list is not the be-all and end all as the team are continuously adding and updating these details.

Members, please contact TasFarmers on 6332 1800 if you need advice or support as to where to find the details you are searching for.

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Making a positive change to the Tasmanian agriculture industry

As a TasFarmers member you have the opportunity to place issues on our policy and advocacy agenda, and expand your understanding of other industry issues which may be impacting your state. TasFarmers membership also provides you with the following privileges:

• Opportunity to join one of the Commodity Committees
• Exclusive discounts and offers with our industry partners
• Voting rights presented to the Annual General Meeting
• Benefits to local service providers and suppliers
• Be a voice for agriculture within your community

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