Advocacy policy is essentially taking a position on an issue and sharing that position with someone who can do something about it to enable systematic and lasting policy change

Through clarity of purpose, TasFarmers works closely with relevant peak bodies to influence and ensure that any policy deliberations are in the best interest of our members. As a member of the National Farmers Federation (NFF), TasFarmers has representation on national policy committees to provide the unique perspective of our diverse industries here in Tasmania into the development of strategic policy positions and in advocacy efforts to governments.

This process is informed and enhanced through governance of dedicated separate councils and sub committees that deal with the major commodities areas and issues facing our sector.

This also enables us to maintain a focus on the important along with the urgent, so we can keep our clean, green global competitive advantage. To make the most of the resource we have, it is anticipated that through our Board, the streamlined and focused Councils will be the direct conduit for action.

Importantly, TasFarmers represents the interests of food, fibre, primary production in Tasmania by making submissions and raising awareness on issues that have signification bearing on operational impacts as well as fostering future investments.

As informed by member feedback, we regularly provide submissions to Federal, State and Local governments on strategic agricultural issues. Regular input into policy processes such as Senate Inquiries, Have Your Say as well as various Departmental submissions that advance member's interests as the peak representative body is at the core of what we do. We have provided submissions which highlight the importance of biosecurity for traceability and trade, security of water, livestock health, market access, impact of increased input costs, freight equalization, circular economy and reuse, workforce, training to name a few.

We will continue to effectively advocate through funding submissions and stakeholder meetings, and whilst we recognise the target of farm gate value of Tasmanian agriculture to $10 billion by 2050, we will continue to make sure that any issues to achieve this target are articulated.


TasFarmers represents the interests of farmers and regional communities to government and on industry bodies. Our members participate in a range of committees to develop policy platforms and campaigns.


The agricultural sector needs policy support, projects and investment targeted at driving growth and boosting on-farm profitability and competitiveness, if it is to effectively capture its full potential.

Below are recent and historical submissions that TasFarmers has made to government and industry bodies.