Current TasFarmers Projects

TasFarmers is currently involved in a number of industry projects aimed at benefiting farmers across Tasmania

Projects that are aligned with TasFarmers Council and Committee priorities will protect and improve our members
capacity to be profitable and sustainable, while simultaneously promoting the organisations role in Tasmanian agriculture

Biosecurity Project

This project will allow for the continued collaboration between Biosecurity Tasmania and TasFarmers to provide and facilitate required resources and communication to ensure that their businesses are biosecurity ready. This project has been funded for a continued three year period (2022/23-2024/25) and will focus on educating farmers, the supply chain and wider community about biosecurity.

Through continuous and effective communication we aim to improve and encourage positive cultural change towards farm biosecurity and the obligations under the General Biosecurity Duty.

Advancing Organics Agribusiness Grants

This project is supported by the Tasmanian Government under the 2018-19 “Taking Agriculture to the Next Level Policy”. The objective of the Grant Program, is to create awareness of organic methods of production as a business option and help establish support networks for businesses transitioning fully or partly to organic production methods, certification or market development.

TasFarmers has been designated as the administrative body for this support package and will provide progress reports on the Grant Program to AgriGrowth Tasmania within Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE Tas) who has oversight of this project. The second round of the Organics Small Grants will allocate up to $80,000 across two streams.

The application process for this project is now closed.

Red Meat IDO Project

The Red Meat Industry Development (IDO) project will be delivered by TasFarmers working in collaboration with DPIPWE operating under a joint industry/government governance model.

The IDO will help set and implement actions from the Tasmanian Red Meat Industry Strategic Plan and lead a range of initiatives throughout the supply chain for the red meat industries. The IDO will be responsible for all associated project communications, industry engagement and working with a red meat steering committee and all other tasks necessary to deliver this three-year project.

Living Next Door to a Farmer Project

The project objective is to educate and engage the community, with the aim to foster good neighbourly relations between farmers and residents in new and existing peri-urban locations. The project is managed by TasFarmers, is proudly funded by the Tasmanian Government and supported by Local Government Association Tasmania (LGAT), Real Estate Institute of Tasmania (REIT).

Life in a rural community can be a very rewarding and beneficial lifestyle once farming activities are understood and acknowledged. If you are planning a move into a rural community, or indeed are already living in a rural location, it would pay to do some investigation in the location before relocating. Remember some farming practices are seasonal, so even a roadside inspection may not reveal all aspects of what occurs on a neighbouring farm, especially if you visit out of season.

Heavy Vehicle National Law

TasFarmers has been provided funding from the Department of State Growth to develop and deliver a Register Industry Code of Practice for the Tasmanian Agricultural and Horticultural Sectors, suitable for registration under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), as annexed to the Master registered Industry Code of Practice.

The Tasmanian Agricultural and Horticultural Registered Code of Practice is now available and can be accessed HERE

Landcare Action

Grant applications for Landcare Action provides state-funded grant opportunities to co-invest with farmers, Landcare, and other community organisations on practical on-ground works for sustainable agriculture and River care type activities.

TasFarmers will deliver the program on behalf of, and in partnership with, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania (NRE). The program is designed to:

• Improve landscape and riverine health, stability, and resilience
• Support enhanced land management practices to reduce erosion and sedimentation
• Assist the community to holistically manage natural and productive land and waterways across the landscape

The application process for this project is now closed.

Please direct any questions or issues to our Projects team on 03 6332 1800 or via email on

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