WFI Insurance and Farmsafe Australia forge partnership to promote safer work practices on farms

28 March 2024

WFI Insurance and Farmsafe Australia today announced an important partnership aimed at saving lives and limbs through raising awareness of farming risks and promoting safer work practices.

Farmsafe Australia is committed to improving the wellbeing and productivity of Australian agriculture, generating awareness and resources to help farmers be proactive with safe work practices and to better inform decision making.

The partnership will see WFI Insurance take on the role of ambassador for Farmsafe Australia and sponsor the highly regarded annual ‘Safer Farms Report’, with the next report to be published in line with National Farm Safety week ‘In Safe Hands’, 14th – 20th July 2024.

Established more than a century ago, WFI is one of Australia’s leading rural insurers, operating via a unique face-to-face service model, with over 100 representatives living and working in the agricultural communities it serves.

Farmsafe Australia sees WFI’s personal relationship model as an additional benefit to the partnership, with WFI representatives set to deliver vital safety information to clients first-hand when visiting farms.

Executive General Manager WFI Insurance, Andrew Beer said:

“WFI Insurance is delighted to be partnering with Farmsafe Australia. In line with our purpose ‘to make your world a safer place’, we have a shared ambition, to protect the safety and wellbeing of farmers and their farms.

“As an insurer, we unfortunately see the devastating outcomes when care and caution isn’t exercised on farms. People don’t intend or expect for incidents to happen, but things can quickly go wrong. The importance of education and raising risk awareness can’t be underestimated in saving lives and preventing injuries.

“I am excited at the prospects of what this partnership can achieve and look forward to working together to help reduce risk and improve safety on farms.”

Chair of Farmsafe Australia, Felicity Richards said:

“Farmsafe Australia has a natural alignment with WFI Insurance, as we mutually seek to reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities on farms. I am grateful for their support and commitment to ensuring we improve farming practices across Australia.

“Farmers work in the elements, with large animals, chemicals, machinery and heavy loads. Their work can be remote and solitary, with farmers often unaware of the significant risks they are exposed to. Together, WFI Insurance and Farmsafe can help farmers mitigate those risks and return home safely every day.”

For further information on Farmsafe Australia or to access their latest safety advice and insights, please visit:

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