Mapping renewable-energy-zones important to Northwest Tasmania

04 July 2023

In an exciting development for the renewable energy sector, The Department of State Growth has launched a new initiative called Mapping Important Places.

This mapping project aims to harness the power of community knowledge and input to identify key locations for renewable energy placement in the northwest region.

By actively involving the local community in this process, the department can ensure that regional values and priorities are considered when planning future renewable energy zones.

You are invited to join this initiative and make a valuable contribution to shaping the future of renewable energy in our region.

Running throughout the month of July, Mapping Important Places offers community members a unique opportunity to actively participate in the decision-making process.

By identifying locations that hold significance to them and suggesting potential areas for renewable energy projects, individuals can contribute their local knowledge to the development of renewable energy zones.

Importance of Community Participation:

This collaborative effort aims to foster a sense of ownership and inclusivity, allowing community members to have a direct impact on shaping the sustainable future of their region.

The information collected through Mapping Important Places will provide valuable insights into the region's unique characteristics and help guide the planning and implementation of renewable energy projects.

How to Get Involved:

  • Click here for instructions or view a walk-through HERE
  • Drop a pin where you think is important HERE
  • To learn more about how this information is collected and will be used, click HERE

In summary:

The Mapping Important Places initiative presents a groundbreaking opportunity for community members to actively shape the development of renewable energy zones in the northwest region.

The TFGA encourages everyone to participate, as the success of this initiative depends on community engagement. Together, we can create a sustainable future that aligns with our collective vision and values.

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