TFGA meet with Australia's largest water management authority

01 December 2022

The TFGA Water Committee met with Australia's largest water management authority Hydro Tasmania on Tuesday in Launceston.

Malcolm Green, Chair of the TFGA water committee, said the meeting was about developing a stronger rapport between the organisations, to ensure effective consultation on matters of mutual interest are facilitated wherever possible.

A sustainable future is important for everyone.

Hydro presented a high-level overview of key business to the Committee, including context around water supply management and licensing conditions. Hydro and TFGA intend to meet more regularly into the new year and aim to engage in more detailed discussions about the energy market in Tasmania and pricing of water in coming years.

Hydro representative Adam Gall said engagement with TFGA and its members was essential in building strong relations. The TFGA looks forward to continuing its communication and relationship-building with external organisations to secure the best possible outcomes for our members.

Hydro Tas