TFGA Matters - Tasmanian Country Article - 13th May 2022

13 May 2022


TFGA Matters - Tasmanian Country Article

Featured in Tasmanian Country Newspaper 13th May 2022

This is a good opportunity to introduce myself. I am the new Membership Officer for TFGA.

I was born in Scottsdale and my family farmed at Tomahawk until the late 70’s. We, as a family with 6 children, moved to the Riverina NSW to a sheep station/s, then to Gulf with a 500-million-acre cattle station. Finally returning to Tasmania in the 90’s with my parents who were in various locations either dairying in the NWC, beef operation in the NE or sheep farming in the midlands.

My working career has predominately been in agriculture, jillarooing, and many of you who have met me as a Territory rep for NZ’s TruTest or with Tasmania’s TapAgrio Stockfeed.

I love agriculture and those who work in the industry, it feels like it’s my place and I’m proud of that connection. When I applied for the position at TFGA, I didn’t question it…in my heart and head I knew I wanted to represent this reputable organisation and its significant
contribution to the Tasmanian farming industry.

Exactly as anticipated I found an amazing team of likeminded, accomplished and specialised people who thankfully are all on the same page, with farmers first. I’m encouraged by hearing positive responses to my farm calls, with farmers offering practical topics, or seeking our assistance. The value of TFGA to farmers is often discussed, on farm and internally at the office.

TFGA is funded by our members only, with them paying either levies or an annual subscription. We receive no financial assistance from Government for our operational use, except for specific projects, an example is Landcare Action Grant.

We acknowledge, value and appreciate our existing members and their contributions particularly the TFGA Council and Committee members who donate their time to ensure areas such as wool, dairy, red meat, vegetables, water, weeds, cereal & seeds, etc are front and centre of our focus, on behalf of members.

Having been in the role for just over four months, and travelling the state chatting with farmers on farm, I am asking their view of the value of TFGA. No surprises, with many who say they have firsthand experience TFGA’s assistance with their farming business, or others acknowledge that they have seen how we have played a role in benefiting their industry.

This leaves me with questions for you regarding TFGA’s value, which will provide you with the answer:

1. What would happen if this self-funded organisation as the voice representing you and/or your agricultural livelihood was not here for you? Imagine if we were not here with an existing or potential new government?

2. What would happen if, tomorrow, we had news of a major change that would affect you and how you operate your farming business. How would we be able to contact you for your united feedback if you are not a member? (Note: feedback & information from our members is what guides our direction). If you are already a member, please make sure we have your up-to-date contact details.

If not already a member, we encourage and invite you to become a member either by selecting to pay levies through your agent ie Nutrien, Elders, Simplot, Fonterra etc or an annual subscription by contacting the TFGA office.

Allow TFGA the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to you and Tasmanian agriculture. Talk to Kellie Morris on 0477 660 220 or ask to make contact with TFGA Council Members 63 321 800