Telstra’s 3G Mobile Network is closing, are you prepared?

05 September 2023

Telstra is closing their 3G network by June 2024 and it’s a big step in the evolution of their mobile network.

it’s each customer's responsibility to ensure that any of their 3G services have been migrated to another Telstra service or discontinued before this date.

What to do:

  • You will need to upgrade your device to a 4G/5G VoLTE capable and compatible device before 30th June 2024. Doing so will ensure that you can access Telstra’s network and will have both data access and voice-calling compatibility. This includes IoT devices such as sensors, weather stations and other agri-technology devices.
  • Customers using 3G mobile, IoT and network extension devices, some EFTPOS machines, medical devices and antennas that operate on the 3G network only will be able to continue using their device or antenna until 30th June 2024. After this date, if the device has not been updated to be 4G or 5G compatible, it will no longer work.

If you have any questions, please click on this link or email the Telstra Regional Australia team for 3G closure related questions at

Otherwise click below for a handy FAQ document