Telstra Satellite home internet with Starlink is here – here's what you need to know

05 April 2024

After launching our satellite internet for Enterprise customers at the end of last year, today we’re announcing it’s ready for Aussie homes.

Last year we announced that we were excited to be bringing Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity, powered by Starlink, to our customers across Australia.

Today, after months of comprehensive testing – we're even more excited to say it’s here!

While many Aussies already have reliable home internet through our nbn plans, some of us live in more remote locations where a different connectivity solution is best.

This is where our Telstra Satellite Home Internet comes in – using innovative LEO satellites to provide high speed, low latency internet in even the most remote places. It will even provide you with a home phone connection.

Available to order starting today our satellite home internet plan is available for $125/month and $599 upfront for the Starlink Standard kit.

It also includes unlimited data and estimated typical peak speeds of 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload. Although these may be impacted by various other factors such as kit location, sky visibility from that location, and severe weather conditions.

And as a world first – you can even use it as your home phone.

More info here