TasNetworks Storm Damage Update - 15th June 2022

15 June 2022

Update from TasNetworks - Storm Recovery

Following recent storm damage, Josh Bradshaw of TasNetworks has provided the following update as at 10am Wednesday 15th June

Update as per the 10am ICS meeting as follows:

  • The situation in the north-west continues to present challenges
  • Customer numbers without supply remained high overnight (1700) – a vehicle accident in the region impacted a pole and feeder, forcing several hundred customers back off, along with un-safe conditions hampering work efforts – in some cases, vegetation contractors are clearing feeders, only to come back and find new trees have fallen across the route
  • Given these conditions, our focus today and ongoing remains the safety of crews and contractors
  • To assist, we have new contractor personnel arriving via plane today, who will be deployed in to the NW region
  • In the Burnie region, work will continue with pole and asset replacements today, hoping to have several hundred more customers back on by this evening
  • In the Devonport/Deloraine areas, focus will continue to be in the Claude Road and Cradle Mountain areas. The aim is to have this feeder back on by midday, and then work will start on all the spur lines. There is significant damage in this area and it is highly likely that some customers on spur lines will remain without power in to the weekend
  • We have 24 crews in this area today plus a high number of vegetation contractors. Similar to Burnie, we are hoping to have several hundred of these customers back on by this evening, however the nature of the damage and conditions is making progress slow. Added to this, the weather has deteriorated in the NW, with heavy rain currently falling
  • Below is a list of the areas that our crews will be working in today (as mentioned, we are hoping to have most areas cleaned up and back on by the end of the week however, there will be some customers that remain off in to the weekend)
  • The next ICS meeting is at 3pm and a further update will be provided following this.

Claude Road

Cradle Mountain

Bridle Track Rd Kimberley



Castra Rd Sprent


South Preston




Loyetea Rd Loyetea


Shalstone Rd Mole Creek

Jones St Chudleigh

Parkham Rd Elizabeth Town

Golden Valley

Gunns Plains

West Kentish

Huntsman Rd Meander

Heybridge/Cuprona/West Pine/Howth