Tasmanian mobile black spots to get new mobile coverage

25 October 2023

The federal government has unveiled a $37.2 million funding initiative as part of the 'Improving Mobile Coverage Round' grant program. This allocation aims to support the construction of 41 new mobile tower base stations, strategically situated to enhance mobile network coverage in previously identified black spots across regional Australia.

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In an official statement, the Minister for Communications, the Honorable Michelle Rowland MP, said that the Albanese government had set forth an ambitious agenda during their time in opposition, and now, in their role in government, they are actively fulfilling their commitment to bolster coverage in rural and regional Australia

The Minister said, “The Improving Mobile Coverage Round is a small part of our Government’s work to improve regional communications, and comes in addition to our $1.1 billion Better Connectivity Plan – the most significant investment in regional communications since the inception of the NBN”.

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In Tasmania, several areas previously plagued by unreliable mobile service have received co-investment funding to improve and expand the mobile network within the framework of the program. These areas include:

  1. South Bruny / Verona Sands
  2. Ansons Bay
  3. Grindlewald
  4. Sheffield
  5. Tea Tree
  6. Togari
  7. West Tamar Highway (leading into Kelso)

From the nationwide pool of applications, three applications did not meet the technical coverage or solution criteria outlined in the program guidelines.

“The Government has accepted all Departmental advice, including value-for-money recommendations, and intends to undertake further market testing of two sites the Department believes may reach a value-for-money outcome," said the Minister.