Tasmania Taps Brighte to Power Residential the Energy Saver Loan Scheme

08 February 2023

The Tasmanian Government has tannounced that Brighte will be the official finance and administration partner of their Energy Saver Loan Scheme.

  • Brighte announced as the official finance and administration partner for energy efficiency Scheme
  • Tasmanians will be able to access zero-interest loans of up to $10K under the Scheme
  • Nearly 1,000 Tasmanians have already registered their interest for the October launch

The Tasmanian Government has today announced that sustainable home platform Brighte will be the official finance and administration partner of their Energy Saver Loan Scheme for the next three years.

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The Scheme will offer zero-interest loans of up to $10,000 to residential households, landlords of residential properties, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations to assist in accessing a range of energy efficient products, from solar panels and hot water heat pumps, to insulation and other energy efficient appliances.

The scheme aims to help Tasmanians lower their energy bills, improve energy efficiency and boost the local economy.

Katherine McConnell, founder & CEO of Brighte said she is excited to support the Tasmanian Government accelerate the uptake of energy efficient products.

“Our research shows the upfront cost is one of the biggest barriers households face to making change and this program will inspire action.”

“Tomorrow’s homes will be powered by the sun and accelerating the transition is a progressive and positive step.

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“We’re looking forward to working with the Tasmanian Government to achieve their ambitions to put downward pressure on bills, make energy efficiency affordable and create local jobs.”

The Energy Saver Loan Scheme is a key government initiative intended to help households with the rising cost of energy, driven by volatility in energy markets.

“Across Australia, people are looking for ways to bring their bills down - and their power bill is the one they have the most control over,” said Katherine McConnell. “Installing energy efficient products powered by solar can make a real difference to household budgets in a short time.”

According to independent research commissioned by Brighte(1), the average Australian with solar is saving over $1,000 on their energy bill annually.

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The program has already received significant interest from Tasmanian residents, with nearly 1,000 Tasmanians registering their interest for the Scheme launch, slated for October.

The Energy Saver Loan Scheme is the second major government program awarded to Brighte after a competitive tender process. Last July, Brighte was selected as the finance and administration partner of the 5 year, $150m Sustainable Household Scheme commissioned by the ACT Government.

“Brighte is on a mission to make every home sustainable, both environmentally and economically,” said Ms McConnell.

“Today’s decision further cements Brighte as the partner of choice for governments in helping households navigate the energy transition.

“Brighte’s market leading platform, superior technology and innovative capabilities are trusted and loved by consumers, retailers and governments.”

“As our sustainable home platform scales we will continue to enable government partners to deliver for their citizens.”

  1. Deloitte Access Economics - Brighte Consumer and Vendor Study 2019

TAS residents will be able to access a range of products including:

  • Solar PV installations
  • Battery storage
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning (heat pumps)
  • Efficient electric hot water systems
  • Double glazing / efficient window units
  • Insulation

To register your interest please see here.

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