Tag Rebate Scheme Now Open for sheep and goat EID

06 June 2024

The sheep and goat electronic identification (eID) Tag Rebate Scheme opened 1 June 2024.  

The Support Scheme will assist owners of sheep and goats to transition from the current visual device and mob-based approach to individual electronic tagging of sheep and goats, by providing a rebate on fully accredited National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) eID devices.

Rebates on eligible eID devices close 30 June 2026, or until funding for the scheme is expended, whichever occurs first. 

Available rebates include:

  • A $1 rebate per tag on retail price (GST exclusive) of eligible eID device ear tags.
  • A $4 rebate per tag on retail price (GST exclusive) of eligible eID device goat leg bands, where ear tags are not suitable for particular goat breeds.

Eligible tag types include:

Note that there are non-NLIS accredited RFID tags for sheep and goats in the market. These have not undertaken the rigorous testing and accreditation of NLIS approved tags. Non-NLIS accredited devices are not eligible for rebates under this scheme. 

Reimbursement of purchased eID tags:

  • Owners of sheep or goats can apply for the reimbursement of eID tags purchased between the 1 January - 31 May 2024, through the SmartyGrants portal.  Applications will close 30 September 2024.

For more information on the Tag Rebate Scheme, visit the Grant Round 2 - Tag Rebate Scheme webpage​.