Survey Seeks Input from Tasmanian Vegetable and Fruit Growers to Enhance Sustainable Food Procurement

13 September 2023

The Sustainable Institutional Food Procurement Tasmania (SIFPT) project is inviting vegetable and fruit growers in Tasmania to participate in a survey aimed at bolstering sustainable food procurement practices in the region's institutions.

With over 9 million meals served annually in Tasmanian institutions, including aged care facilities, hospitals, Meals on Wheels, and schools, there is a significant market opportunity for local growers. A recent public poll indicated overwhelming support, with 91% of Tasmanians favouring the government's sourcing of food for institutions from local producers and processors.

The SIFPT project, initiated in July 2023, is keen to bridge the gap between growers and institutions. To better understand the needs and motivations of growers, Leah Galvin, the project's founder, has launched a concise survey. This survey, taking less than 10 minutes to complete, delves into what drives growers to supply government institutions, the support required to access this market, and the seasonal availability of Tasmanian-produced fruits and vegetables suitable for school meal programs.

The survey is accessible here.

Participating in this survey is a valuable step towards promoting sustainability, supporting local growers, and shaping a more resilient and sustainable food procurement system for Tasmania's institutions. Your input matters.