Rural Business Tasmania Cadetship Program

27 March 2023

Rural Business Tasmania (RBT) have their Cadetship Program coming up. This a great opportunity to strengthen the future of the Tasmanian agricultural industry.

2023 Cadetship Program

The Cadetship Program has been designed to support employers in better understanding the process that is required to take on a trainee.
The Cadetship Program supports the agriculture industry in building a strong workforce for the future. It helps build the practical skills of cadets for future employment with the aim of placing cadets into traineeships.

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Employers attend workshops which are run by industry leaders that are experts in the area of trainee management. During the program, cadets interested in agriculture are matched with employers to provide them with the experience to see if the role that is being offered is a position they would like to conduct a traineeship in.


Rural Business Tasmania is seeking help in providing employers access to students interested in Agricultural work and promoting the Cadetship Program to respective members. With your help we aim to bolster the knowledge of students and employers around undertaking a traineeship and to provide employers with a firsthand look at students prior to signing them up for employment.

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We would like to work with industry bodies to build on the success of the 2022 Cadetship Program. Last year we placed cadets into beef, dairy and horticulture roles and with industry leading service providers. Rural Business would like to set up meetings with industry bodies to discuss aspects of the program.

It would be greatly appreciated if you can share within your networks or if you can contact us with details of members or contacts we could prospectively reach out to.

For further information on his program, which is supported by the Tasmanian Government, please contact the Rural Business Tasmania team on 1300 88 3276.

Cadetship Program Flyer

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