Rural Aid are offering flood affected producers financial assistance by way of a $500 credit card

14 November 2022

Rural Aid are offering flood affected producers financial assistance by way of a $500 credit card

Are you a primary producer who’s been affected by the current flooding and rain events? If so, you may be eligible for a $500 pre-paid Visa from Rural Aid. Please read the eligibility criteria carefully to make sure you are eligible and then fill in the short form below to apply. (NB applications are open until 31st December 2022 or until funding is exhausted)

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for this financial assistance

To receive this payment, you must be:

  1. A primary producer.
  2. Registered as a farmer with Rural Aid.
  3. Have a current ABN.
  4. You haven’t already received this Flood Recovery Financial Assistance for the current floods in NSW or Victoria (only one lot of assistance is available per ABN).
  5. Be in a flood declared area from Sept 2022 for NSW and Oct 2022 for Victoria and Tasmania (To determine if your area is flood declared, Rural Aid will be referring to the below websites in each state).

    NSW Declared natural disasters – from Sept 2022
    Victoria Declared natural disasters – from Oct 2022
    Tasmania Declared natural disasters – from Oct 2022

  6. Have had significant flood impact to your property or person.

Examples of significant damage to your property can include:

  • it’s been destroyed or must be demolished
  • it’s been declared structurally unsound
  • the flood has caused major damage to the interior
  • the flood has exposed the interior to the elements
  • sewage has contaminated the interior
  • the flood has significantly damaged a major asset or assets you own at your property.

Please note, for this payment:

  • Your property is defined as your principal place of residence is the main place where you have a right or license to normally live. It doesn’t include holiday homes or investment properties.
  • A major asset is an asset or assets with a combined market value of $20,000 or more. For example, this can include buildings, vehicles, caravans, water tanks or large scale machinery.
  • You can’t claim on behalf of a person who has died or their estate.

To apply, head to the Rural Aid website at

Rural Aid Flood Assistance
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