Regional Drought Events for Tasmanian Farmers

22 May 2024

A series of events are being rolled out throughout Tasmania in May and June to support farmers prepare for and managing the current dry conditions.

Five events are being delivered in priority regional areas by the TAS Farm Innovation Hub in partnership with local organisations, supported by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania, and funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

Adoption Officer with the TAS Farm Innovation Hub, Maria Ortiz, said the events would provide an opportunity for the farming community to come together in these challenging times.

“We acknowledge the dry seasonal conditions and all the challenges that come with this. Sharing knowledge, staying connected and accessing the right services at the right time is crucial to increase resilience and preparedness,” she said.

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“This series of events will bring together organisations and programs that span across the drought preparedness, response, and recovery cycle, and provide an opportunity to connect with other farmers going through similar circumstances.”

One of the presenters, Drought Coordinator with TasFarmers, Jac Shipton, said the events played a crucial role in supporting farmers during difficult conditions.

“The events are an invaluable resource that provides farmers with practical strategies and solutions to manage the impacts of drought to their farming business."

Communications and Engagement Manager with Rural Alive and Well, Lauren Harper, said managing dry times in Tasmania required a tailored approach.

“Tasmania has a diverse range of regional landscapes, which means that to overcome the current dry conditions, producers need tailored learning options, unique to their situations and challenges,” she said.

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“RAW has seen first-hand how beneficial the TAS Farm Innovation Hub’s ‘Dry Times’ events are in providing regionally relevant information to producers to assist them in making tangible changes within their farming practices.

“Reducing isolation through social connection and community is critical to navigating challenging periods. We aren’t designed to go through hard times in isolation and these events provide opportunities for connection with peers and other industry supports, including financial assistance, future farm business planning and mental health and wellbeing support.”

For the full list of events and more information and how to register visit: