Projects turning trash into treasure

14 December 2023

Seven projects aiming to decrease the amount of waste sent to landfill through innovative activities have been awarded funding through Round 1 of the 2023-24 Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Program’s Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Grants.

Chair of the NTWMP Steering Committee Shane Power said the grants provided financial support for costs associated with circular economy initiatives, procuring innovative recycling infrastructure, and creating educational materials to improve waste management practices in northern Tasmania.

“We are proud to offer to fund to these organisations who are making such a valuable contribution to circular economy outcomes and waste reduction in our region,” Mr. Power said.

“Each project was chosen following a robust assessment process and performance against criteria such as improving circularity, project reach and community involvement, and clear project plans.”

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Mr. Power said the grants also support efforts to increase the recovery of resources from waste that would otherwise be lost to landfills.

“Members of the Assessment Panel and Steering Committee were impressed by the variety of ideas and projects put forward. Some involved recycling and processing organics, as well as creating opportunities for consumers to reduce waste to landfill,” Mr Power said.

“Other great initiatives included giving products a new life through a repair café in Launceston, and the expansion of the Great Giveaway program run in George Town.”

Funded projects include:

• George Town Neighbourhood House, The Great Giveaway 2.0, $7,490

• City of Launceston, Repair Café, $3,400

• City of Launceston, Reusable Nappy and Sanitary Product rebate, $5,000

• Northern Tasmania Steiner Association, School organic waste project, $3,076

• Earth Global Consulting Pty Ltd, Flinders Island Wormfarms, $12,800

• Panama Productions, Circular economy initiative at a festival called Panama, $14,865

• The Organic Grocery Store, Shop and farm waste recycling, $1,360

“Further funding opportunities will be available over the next few years and we encourage those who were unsuccessful to keep an eye out for future opportunities,” Mr Power said.

The Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Program is supported by the Tasmanian Government.