Over 2,500 bales of high-quality Tasmanian wool heads to Melbourne Sale

08 February 2023

Tasmania headlining Wool Sale 33 in Melbourne

Samples from more than 2,500 bales of wool have made their way across the Bass Strait from over 50 Tasmania and Flinders Island farms for the annual Tasmanian feature sale in Melbourne to be held on 15 February 2023.

Stewart Raine Nutrien Ag Solutions Victoria Wool Brokerage Lead will be the auctioneer on the day and has an ingrained knowledge of the Tasmanian wool market, having worked there for a number of years.

“Selling wool in Melbourne gives growers full access to the export market, and opens up the competition whilst maintaining provenance,” Stewart stated.

“Exporters and early-stage processors know this sale gives them a chance to secure large quantities of high-quality single-source wool.” Stewart continues

“The Nutrien team will facilitate conversations with exporters before and after the sale to understand current trends for the market and clip preparations to ensure we stay on top of the market for our clients.”

“The market is showing really positive signs as we approach this sale, and following previous year trends, we are once again excited to offer this annual catalogue,” Stewart said.

Martin and Rosie Walker of Flinders Island have 47 bales for sale and will be making the trip over to Melbourne.

“The sale in Melbourne is brilliant for the promotion of Tasmanian wool. We know we have high-quality wool, and it’s fantastic that it brings it for the wider market to see and purchase,” Martin said.

George Nichols, Nutrien Ag Solutions Tasmania Wool Lead will be at the sale with the rest of the Tasmania wool team.

“Growers could have been holding onto this wool since winter because they know the value of this sale. It is a brilliant opportunity for growers to follow this wool from shearing right through to the Melbourne sale floor and then watching it go at auction, there is a lot of excitement on the ground,” George said.

The Tasmania feature wool sale will be held at the Brooklyn Wool Selling Centre in Melbourne on 15 February 2023.

Stewart Raine Victoria Wool Brokerage Lead, Nutrien Ag Solutions.
01 Stewart Raine Victoria Regional Wool Lead Nutrien Ag Solutions at Brooklyn Wool store
Stewart Raine Victoria Wool Brokerage Lead, Nutrien Ag Solutions.

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