ORION Training - DIY Artificial Insemination of Livestock

11 June 2024

Orion Training, a leading Registered Training Organisations specialising in delivering Nationally Accredited Livestock Breeding Courses. Orion Training are committed to empowering farmers, veterinarians, and aspiring individuals in the livestock breeding industry by providing comprehensive training programs tailored to their needs.

Orion has obtained Animal Ethics Approval based on their training practices that ensure the safe handling of your livestock. The livestock breeding courses that they deliver in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria are;

  • Artificial Insemination (AI) of Livestock 
  • Pregnancy Testing Livestock
  • Collect Semen 
  • Microscopic Examination, analysing Semen Morphology & Motility.

Orion Training are thrilled to announce their expansion into Tasmania! Their experienced trainer, Paul Kenny, will be delivering their Artificial Insemination of Livestock Courses. The first round of courses start in July 2024. 

In their quest to provide quality training, Orion are actively seeking Host Farms and students. Their Host Farm Incentive Program offers a mutually beneficial arrangement where you allow Orion to conduct courses on your farm, and in return, Orion compensate you for each external student Orion add to your course.

Whether you're looking to take control of your breeding practices, expand your veterinary services, or embark on a career in livestock breeding, Orion Training is here to support you every step of the way.

Orion courses are held on farms throughout Qld, NSW and Victoria. The course includes three (3) days of theory and practical training with assessment activities.

Successful completion results in a Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment for AHCAIS304 Artificially Inseminate Livestock. The course is interactive and hands-on with practical instruction on the insemination process. Practice on live cows and receive immediate feedback from our experienced instructor - Paul Kenny.    

Paul has over 33 years of experience in the cattle artificial breeding industry. He worked for Herd Improvers Australia and Riverina Artificial Breeders Australia before starting his own business as a cattle artificial breeding consultant. In addition to AI, Paul semen tests over 6,000 bulls per year, is an accredited Breedplan Muscle Scanner and is a trained Morphologist

Contact Orion training on 07 3392 7055 or email enrol@oriontraining.edu.au