NRM North announces new Chief Executive Officer

26 July 2023

NRM North is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Jo Fearman as Chief Executive Officer.

NRM North is the leading natural resource management organisation in northern Tasmania that supports sustainable agriculture, water quality improvement, resource recovery and environmental protection initiatives, and promotes sound management of natural resources through partnerships that enable coordinated action.

Dr Fearman joined NRM North in March 2019, and has been Acting CEO since September 2022.

“During her tenure as Acting CEO, Jo has supported the Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Program to transfer to NRM North, overseen the development of a suite of new five-year project proposals with the Federal Government, and continued to develop NRM North’s response to an emerging Nature Repair Market”, NRM North Management Committee Chair Pam Allan said.

Dr Fearman has a background in environmental science, water quality, fisheries and aquaculture. She has worked closely with NRM North’s water programs including the Tamar Estuary and Esk Rivers (TEER) Program and the River Health Action Plan over the past four years, and led the development of the 2030 NRM Strategy for Northern Tasmania. Jo also contributes to the not-for-profit sector through Board roles and community involvement; she is experienced in governance, environmental management and stakeholder engagement.

“NRM North, natural resource management generally, is all about people.’’ Dr Fearman said.

“Whether we are providing extension services to farmers to increase their understanding of soil health, offering incentives to fence stock out of waterways, supporting businesses to reduce waste, or securing habitat for threatened species like the Giant Freshwater Crayfish, we can’t do any of it without a committed community that is enthusiastic about our natural environment.”

“It’s a privilege to work with our knowledgeable and passionate team every day, and I’m looking forward to an exciting and sustainable future for NRM North in Tasmania.”

Dr Jo Fearman and Pam Allan