Nominations for the 2024 Tasmanian Biosecurity Awards are now open

08 July 2024

Nominations for the 2024 Tasmanian Biosecurity Awards are now open. The awards recognise outstanding biosecurity projects and represent a platform to reinforce, recognise and promote positive biosecurity behavioural change in the industry and community. 

This is an opportunity to recognise those in our communities and industries who have gone above and beyond to help protect our future. 

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Biosecurity is foundational to the economic, social, and environmental assets of Tasmania and we all share the benefits of our strong biosecurity system. 

It underpins our multi-billion-dollar agri-food production and export industries, and protects our unique natural wilderness areas that have immeasurable value to all Tasmanians and also visitors to our state. 

The awards comprise of two categories, one being the Tasmanian Community Biosecurity Award and the other the Tasmanian Industry Biosecurity Award. 

Last year the Tasmanian Community Biosecurity Award was won by Robyn Lewis and the Tasmanian Industry Biosecurity Award by Nic Hansen. 

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Robyn won for her outstanding management of biosecurity threats to the Milford Forest property, an important ecological site for a number of endemic and endangered species. 

Nic was recognised for his contribution and assistance during the 2018 fruit fly incursion in Tasmania and the successful emergency response and eradication that followed. 

If you or someone you know has personally contributed towards improving biosecurity in Tasmania, or if they are part of an organisation or group, you can place a nomination today. 

More information about the awards and nominations can be found at

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