NFF thanks Senators for supporting farmers on Biosecurity levy

17 May 2024

The National Farmers’ Federation thanks the Senators who have stood up for farmers in Parliament, declaring their opposition to the senseless Biosecurity Protection Levy.

Tasmanian Senator Peter Wish-Wilson today formally announced The Greens would oppose the levy – labelling the consultation “rushed and inadequate”.

Senator Whish-Wilson said: “But the Bill the government flagged for parliament to specifically tax farmers in this regard is a poor policy in both principle and design and should be rejected.”

The NFF has confirmed The Greens, Coalition, One Nation, and Senators David Pocock, Jacqui Lambie, Tammy Tyrell and Ralph Babet oppose the tax - news applauded by NFF Chief Executive Tony Mahar.

“On behalf of Australian agriculture, thank you for seeing common sense. This was a bad policy riddled with holes.”

“We’ve fiercely fought to #ScraptheTax and now we hope the Government can finally hit delete and find a better way to ensure Australia’s biosecurity system is the best in the world,” Mr Mahar said.

The NFF called on the Government to withdraw the legislation and work with farmers and stakeholders on a policy everyone could support.

“It’s time now for the Government to walk away from this policy and work with the agriculture industry to protect Australia from pests and diseases for farmers and for all Australians.”