NFF delivers 17 priorities for the Federal Budget to advance agriculture

07 May 2024

Australia’s peak farming organisation has put forward 17 investment recommendations for the Federal Government to invest in agriculture and support the sector’s sustainable growth ahead of the budget.

National Farmers’ Federation President David Jochinke said next week’s budget was a chance for the Government to lay the foundation for growth and productivity in a challenging economic environment and when an increasing number of producers are experiencing dry conditions.

“Agriculture has shown a million times over it is a powerhouse in the Australian economy, and by supporting the industry, the Government can help ensure the sector underpins the success and resilience of Australia for decades to come.”

The NFF’s pre-budget submission provides 17 investment recommendations across three broad themes:

• Increasing agricultural productivity

• Securing Australia’s agricultural workforce

• Promoting and enhancing Australian agriculture’s sustainability

“Our recommendations encompass a spectrum of initiatives, from bolstering regional infrastructure to enhancing biosecurity, fostering innovation in agricultural data to preparing for droughts, supporting farm safety, and creating pathways for the next generation of farmers.

“Key recommendations include investing $1 billion over four years into regional infrastructure to enhance Australia’s international freight supply chains and $2 billion over four years to support complementary measures in the Murray-Darling Basin.

“We also want to see the Government commit to the farm gap-year program AgCAREERSTART, an initiative boasting an 83% retention rate of graduates staying on in agriculture.

“Investing real dollars into these ideas will form a strategic web that intertwines economic growth, environmental stewardship, social wellbeing, and regional resilience.”

Mr Jochinke said the farm sector would be watching closely as the Treasurer handed down the Budget on May 14.

“Last year’s budget contained a nasty surprise for farmers – the Biosecurity Protection Levy.

“We hope the Government has realised it’s much better to work with farmers so we can strengthen a sector all Australians rely on.

“Not only can the government back farmers by supporting our recommendations, the budget is the opportune time to strike a line through harmful policies like the biosecurity levy and the live export ban.

“These are smart and sensible ideas that will allow agriculture to charge on towards its $100 billion goal.”

To read the NFF’s 2024-25 Pre-Budget Submission click here.