NBN Co has launched two new nbn® Sky Muster

14 December 2023

NBN Co has launched two new nbn® Sky Muster® Plus Premium plans, introducing even more satellite connectivity options for people across rural and remote Australia.

More choice of uncapped data usage*: users can now choose from three plans – uncapped data use for all internet activities – offering more flexibility without the worrying of a monthly data allowance.

Different wholesale prices&: help make the new plans even more accessible for people in regional and rural Australia.

New features for remote access: the option to purchase static IP addresses for Sky Muster Plus and Premium customers (through their service provider).%

The new nbn Sky Muster® Plus Premium plans are now available to order and join the suite of existing Sky Muster and Sky Muster Plus plans available.

Not all retail service providers offer nbn satellite connections. For further details and to connect with a participating provider, please visit the nbn website: www.nbnco.com.au/skymusterpluspremium