Mandatory Code of Conduct

20 December 2019


In October 2016, the ACCC was directed by then-Treasurer the Hon Scott Morrison MP to hold an inquiry into the competitiveness of prices, trading practices and the supply chain in the Australian dairy industry.

This code has been developed following extensive stakeholder consultation with both dairy farmers and processors.

The code will provide a fairer process for negotiating contractual arrangements between dairy farmers and dairy processors. The code will improve the balance in bargaining power between dairy farmers and processors and will replace the previous voluntary industry code. The code also includes dispute resolution and mediation processes.

The Mandatory Code of Conduct comes into effect 1st January 2020.

The link to the Mandatory Code of Conduct can be found here.

Dairy Plan

A draft Australian Dairy Plan published on 6 December 2019 sets out a series of commitments aimed at rebuilding the confidence of dairy businesses in the industry’s future, creating unity, and lifting profitability across the dairy supply chain.
This document has been built on countless hours of engagement with people involved across the industry. Its key commitments are formed from the views and opinions of over 1,500 contributors to a nationwide consultation process – one of the largest listening exercises in the history of this industry.

It marks a concerted effort by all parts of the dairy supply chain to agree on the issues holding the industry back and to identify the priority actions needed to deliver transformational change and take the industry forward.

Link to the draft dairy plan can be found here.