Launch of Renewable Energy Zone Consultation in North West Tasmania

21 May 2024

The Minister for Energy and Renewables has announced a public consultation for a proposed Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) in North West Tasmania, spanning an area between Burnie and Waratah. This initiative covers parts of the Burnie City, Central Coast, Kentish, and Waratah Wynyard Local Government areas.

For further details, visit our website Renewable Energy Zones Tasmania, where you can access all consultation materials, including factsheets explaining the determination of the proposed REZ and a comprehensive FAQ section.

Key Features of the Consultation:

  • Participatory Mapping Exercise: Similar to last year’s Mapping Important Places consultation, this interactive tool allows the public to drop pins and comment on issues within the proposed REZ boundary.
  • Community Benefit Sharing Framework: Detailed in a concise discussion paper, this framework outlines how the REZ will benefit the local community.
  • Upcoming Market Offering Document: Aimed at renewables proponents, this document will be available within two weeks.

Engagement Opportunity

  • Community Drop-In Session: Join us at the Ridgely Community Hall at 4 pm on 29 May 2024 to discuss the proposed REZ.

The consultation period will remain open until 1 July 2024 and will help shape the legislation supporting the REZ framework. We value your feedback on this important initiative. For any questions or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to your participation and input on the development of North West Tasmania’s renewable energy future.