Join the Frontlines: Enhance Your Skills in Emergency Animal Disease Response

08 February 2024

Biosecurity Tas and Animal Health Australia will be delivering training to people who work in the livestock industry. Are you passionate about biosecurity, register your interest today!

On March 7 we want individuals who are passionate about livestock health to join us for a training workshop in Launceston focused on industry liaison during an emergency animal disease response.

To be eligible to attend the training you need to:

  • Have the green light from a peak industry body to act as a voice and advocate for your industry.
  • Can manage sensitive information with utmost security.
  • Contribute effectively in a workshop environment.

Your unique skills are vital in helping government to navigate the complexities of emergency animal disease management. Step up and make a difference!

N.B. The training aims to enhance skills of industry professionals, particularly during an emergency animal disease (EAD) response by providing industry perspective, essential advice and guidance on response matters. Existing response arrangements acknowledge this role and the benefits it provides to response planning and reducing the overall impacts of the EAD on business continuity, and identifies areas within the EAD response structure to which industry is formally incorporated and invited to contribute to the response.

More information is available below and you can register interest here:

Liaison-Livestock Industry role - Animal Health Australia