Irrigation Tariff Review

06 November 2019


The attached report is the outcome of the Irrigation Tariff Review that was announced as part of the Government’s ‘Energy on Farms’ policy. Consultation was undertaken and TFGA contributed significantly to the review, conducting research, a survey and analysis to assist in putting forward Primary Producer concerns and priorities. Whilst the review has been completed and some key finding have been implemented, there will be ongoing consultation and review of the following issues:

  • Determining the most effective time structure, both seasonally and daily, that best meets the needs of irrigators and the network provider;
  • Whether a concession arrangement for multiple connections would be appropriate without creating cross subsidies between customer classes;
  • A review of billing options by retailers; and
  • Whether concessions for the upfront provision of connection assets is an effective mechanism to assist irrigators.

A big outcome that was achieved was that TFGA members and the wider community should undertake a review of their current billing options as it was identified that consumers may be on the incorrect Tariff, thus paying too much for their electricity unnecessarily.

If TFGA members require assistance with checking their electricity bill to ensure they are on the correct tariff, please contact Kylie Donaghy via email for further information.

To view the findings of the Irrigation Tariff Review click here.