Free Digital Tool to help farm businesses

18 August 2022

Free Digital Tool to help farm businesses

Deloittes have indicated that they are currently developing a free digital tool funded under the Future Drought Fund allowing producers to;

  1. Understand their property scale projected climate exposures for 2030 and 2050
  2. See satellite images of their farm showing vegetation and surface moisture, land temperature changes over time.
  3. Self-assess their resilience to climate change across a range of interconnected environmental, financial, personal & social indicators
  4. Select and track pathways to proactively build resilience to challenges.

The tool is being co-designed with farmers themselves, alongside a range of agricultural stakeholders and are looking to expand information in the tool to provide farmers with information about Cattle grazing in Tasmania.

For further information please refer directly to the website and anyone can access the live free DR.SAT tool here: