Fee Free Agriculture courses

08 July 2024

In 2024, TasTAFE was allocated 3,400 Fee Free TAFE places across 52 courses, ranging from qualifications to skill sets and short courses. The Fee Free TAFE initiative has garnered significant interest from Tasmanians eager to train, retrain, or upskill, particularly in the agricultural sector.

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The number of funded Fee Free places at TasTAFE is determined by the Australian and Tasmanian Governments. Due to overwhelming demand, several courses have exceeded their allocated places. The following skill sets will now revert to standard fee-paying courses:

  • Operate Side By Side Utility Vehicles (TASMSS0119)
  • Operate and Maintain Chainsaws (TASMSS0117)
  • Agricultural Chemical Skill Set (AHCSS00074)

Despite this, there are still Fee Free TAFE places available for workplace-based learners (excluding trainees under Contracts of Training) in the following programs:

  • Certificate II in Agriculture (AHC20122)
  • Certificate III in Agriculture (AHC30122)

Obtaining a Certificate II or III in Agriculture provides significant benefits for those looking to enter the industry. These qualifications equip individuals with essential skills and knowledge, making them highly competitive candidates for employment. Graduates from these programs are well-prepared for various roles within the agricultural sector, including farm work, machinery operation, livestock handling, and crop production. The hands-on training and comprehensive coursework ensure that graduates have both practical experience and theoretical understanding, which are highly valued by employers in the industry.

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Moreover, these certificates serve as a stepping stone for further education and career advancement. Individuals with a Certificate II or III in Agriculture often find it easier to pursue higher qualifications or specialized training, opening up additional career opportunities. The agricultural industry in Tasmania is growing, and there is a continuous demand for skilled workers who can contribute to the sector's productivity and innovation.

The strong interest in these programs highlights the growing need for agricultural skills and training in Tasmania. TasTAFE remains committed to supporting Tasmanians in their educational and professional development endeavours. By providing accessible and affordable training opportunities, TasTAFE plays a crucial role in building a skilled workforce that meets the demands of the local economy.

For more information or to apply for the remaining Fee Free TAFE places, visit TasTAFE's website


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