Enabling the Ag Innovators of the Future (pilot project)

By Claire Robertson on
24 January 2023

Today’s youth are largely unaware of the diverse career opportunities available in agriculture and attracting them into this area has been difficult. This generation is needed to create a strong workforce of innovative minds to enable Australian agriculture to keep up with world demands and the changing climate.

Efficient, sustainable farming with strong management of biosecurity risks and continued innovation, will be necessary to ensure the Australian agricultural sector is sustainable and continues to thrive. For this to be possible, we need our next generation to be aware, interested, and ready to assume the many and varied roles required.


TFGA has recently commenced a new project in the Agricultural education space. Funding is being provided by the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund: Agricultural Innovation and delivered in partnership with the TASAg Innovation Hub.

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This pilot project aims to inspire the next generation of agricultural innovators through a hands-on day at the Agricultural Learning Centre at Hagley, followed by in-school workshops. The students for this pilot program will be from grades 3-6. Schools have been selected in the broader Launceston area, to enable easy access for our staff and for students to visit Hagley.

Collaborating with the Agricultural Learning Centre, an exciting new experience will be offered to students, which will aim to spark their interest in innovation for agriculture.

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Curriculum-aligned workshops will cover sustainable agriculture, the need to manage land and water, biosecurity, technology in agriculture and more. Student awareness, interest and knowledge of the agricultural industry's future needs will be a focus. Once they have developed an understanding of the areas needing innovation, they will explore their own ideas, creating possible solutions to agricultural industry issues.

TFGA is delighted to be undertaking this project and continuing their involvement in working with the future.


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