Dairy Farmers Speak Out: TFGA Roadshow Provides Platform for Community Voice

By Hugh Christie on
04 April 2023

This week, the TFGA Roadshow - Dairy Forum made its way to the Northwest and Northeast farming communities of Tasmania, providing a much-needed opportunity for the local dairy community to hear from their peak bodies and advocacy organisations. Farmers were able to discuss the issues impacting them directly with TFGA, Australian Dairy Farmers, and Dairy Australia.

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For those who may not be familiar with these peak bodies, the TFGA helps farmers avoid red tape and special interest issues, advocating on their behalf at a state and local level to ensure they can be confident in their future.

The Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) serves as the industry's national advocacy body, providing policy support and advocacy at a Federal Level for the state advocacy bodies, including the TFGA. The ADF works closely with the Australian Dairy Producers to ensure Australians have access to dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt and support the dairy manufacturing industry as the fourth largest dairy exporter in the world. Together, the ADF and ADPF represent the entire Australian dairy value chain as the Australian Dairy Industry Council, providing a strong, unified approach to industry and government advocacy.

Dairy Australia plays a critical role in research and development activities, including policy and industry data to support ADF and TFGA’s advocacy efforts, in addition to providing valuable, practical tools, services, and advice directly to farming operations and the dairy supply chain through Dairy Tas. At the forums, dairy farmers had the chance to discuss various issues, including climate change, emission reduction, methane pledges, free trade agreements, and access to markets. The ADF provided an update and insight into the strategies underway to address these concerns.

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It was encouraging to see the level of engagement at both roadshows, with attendees not only providing feedback but also contributing their thoughts and ideas on how the industry could move forward.

Discussions included land acquisition, property access, irrigation, energy costs, access to infrastructure, and supply chain issues. These conversations were a reminder of just how crucial it is to listen to our members and community.

The TFGA will continue to invest in the dairy industry, as shown by its strong membership of the ADF. The TFGA will look to continue these discussions and communicate progress on members behalf. I would encourage members to reach out to the TFGA with any concerns, so industry issues can be addressed on your behalf at both state and national levels.

It is important to remember that if you’re dealing with a difficult question, chances are someone else is having the same experience, making it vital to have one's voice heard. The TFGA will continue with roadshows throughout the year, so keep your eye open for your invitations so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to be heard.

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