Critical need of fodder, pellets and transport donations!

23 January 2020


The TFGA have been co-ordinating a fodder register for bushfire and drought affected farmers State-wide. Over the last week the situation for those farmers has continued to deteriorate significantly.
I have been working closely with a number of very generous people over this period who have provided donations of fodder and others who have provided transportation to the affected farmers.
This has been done in conjunction with Rural Business Tasmania and Rural Alive and Well. Sadly, for many of the farmers affected this not only represents a physical impact on their properties but is having serious emotional consequences as well.

For those who are fortunate enough to live in parts of the state that have not been adversely affected it may appear extraordinary, but we are indeed a state of two distinct characters. However, the reality is that large sections of Tasmania are currently experiencing adverse conditions rarely, if ever seen before.

Here at the TFGA, we are in desperate need of further donations of fodder, both in the form of hay or silage and feed pellets for both cattle and sheep. At this time of the year there is little sign of these conditions easing in the short to medium term and we must all pull together as a sector to help one another through this very difficult time.

This situation has clearly highlighted the need for long term strategies to deal with these very significant and impactful situations. The TFGA is currently working through options in this area.

If you are able to help in any way, that is with fodder, pellets or transport, please call Kylie Donaghy, Senior Policy Advisor on 0459 020 231 or

Kylie Donaghy, TFGA Senior Policy Advisor