Choice Energy Empowers Spreyton Fresh to take control of their energy costs

28 September 2023

Tasmania, known for its pristine landscapes and fertile lands, has long been an agricultural hub. However, the challenge of balancing modern farming practices with environmental stewardship has grown increasingly complex. Rising energy costs and environmental concerns have made it crucial for businesses like Spreyton Fresh to take control and understand how to better manage their electricity costs in the volatile market.

By using Choice Energy, Spreyton Fresh was able to uncover some hidden mysteries to their energy bill and, in doing so, Choice Energy could better identify where opportunities were being missed to help manage their increasing costs. One of the most significant discoveries made during Choice Energy's audit with Spreyton Fresh was the revelation that the business had not been receiving a solar feed-in tariff since installing solar panels on its roof.

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This oversight had a direct impact on the farm's bottom line, as they were missing out on potential savings and revenue from their solar energy production. To address this issue, Choice Energy's consultant, Jackson, immediately took action and brokered a feed-in tariff agreement with the existing energy retailer. This not only ensured that Spreyton Fresh would receive the financial benefits they were entitled to but also included the backdating of solar credits, compensating them for the previously missed opportunities.

Strategic negotiation played a crucial role in optimizing Spreyton Fresh's energy costs. Choice Energy, leveraging its industry expertise, secured a new electricity fixed retail contract with a different energy supplier. This strategic move was instrumental in preventing any potential increases in energy costs, ensuring that the farm could maintain its competitiveness in the market. Additionally, the negotiated contract included an optimized solar feed-in tariff, aligning with Spreyton Fresh's commitment to sustainability and cost-efficiency.

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The insights provided by Choice Energy didn't stop at energy contracts and tariffs. Recognizing the unique circumstances of the Tasmanian agricultural sector, Choice Energy recommended that Spreyton Fresh apply for the Tasmania Energy Relief Grant. This proactive step turned out to be a significant win for the business, as they were later approved for an $18,000 grant. This financial assistance provided a welcome injection of funds directly into the business, further supporting its operations and sustainability efforts.

Choice Energy's holistic approach, from discovery and strategic negotiation to providing valuable insights and ongoing optimization, demonstrates its dedication to helping businesses like Spreyton Fresh thrive in an ever-changing energy landscape. Through this partnership, Spreyton Fresh has not only reduced its energy costs but has also reinforced its commitment to sustainable farming practices, all while boosting its financial stability.

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