AWI Elections Approaching!

01 November 2023

We want to remind you of the upcoming Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) director elections. Your voice matters, and this is your opportunity to make a difference in the wool industry.

To vote in the election you must be a shareholder of AWI and have your security holder number and postcode on hand.

To become a shareholder, you will need to have paid at least $100 of wool levies over the previous 3 years. If this prerequisite is met, you must apply to become a shareholder by filling out this form. You will then need to send it to

More information on the above process can be found here.

Election Date: 17th of November @ 10 am AEDT

Voting Period: Duration of the AGM

How to Vote: Attend the AGM virtually with the following link

Thank you for your active participation in the wool sector and for sharing your voice.'