Australia - European Union Free Trade Agreement

24 October 2023

Cattle Australia calls for a FAIR TRADE DEAL – Not just a Free trade deal.

Cattle Australia Chair, David Foote, is urging Federal Minister Farrell and his Trade negotiating team to level the playing field for Agrifood trade between our two blocs as part of the AUSTRALIA-EU FTA negotiations.

Australia currently ranks in the Top 10 global destinations for EU Agrifoods with trade to Australia between 2018 - 2022 rising 34% to ~$6.2Bn per annum, to create a trade surplus in favour of the EU of around $2Bn per year since FTA negotiations commenced in 2018.

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Our competitor exporters such as Canada, have negotiated duty-free access to the EU for 64,950 tonnes of beef including 14,950 tonnes "Hilton quota or New Zealand who negotiated an eight-fold increase in beef volumes and Southern Common Market (or MERCOSUR) countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay who negotiated 99,000 tonnes.

We do not see it is in any way unreasonable for the EU to willingly agree a more equitable trade and market access for our Australian Beef.

“This is an agreement that will likely stick for fifty years – Let's ensure it’s a Fair Trade Deal not just a Free Trade deal.” Mr Foote said.

Cattle Australia has joined with other agri-food commodities to support Minister Farrell walking away from the negotiation table if it’s a dud deal for Australian agriculture.