Aussie beef selling at lower prices in Japan than Australia

24 May 2024

Japanese customers are now paying lower prices for the same cuts of Australian grass-fed beef than domestic customers are paying here in Australia” explained David Byard, Executive Director of The Australian Beef Association (ABA).

“This was revealed on recent visits to Japan by members of ABA. Prices for Australian beef cuts were surveyed in Japanese supermarkets in Tokyo which indicated that Australian beef was being retailed at cheaper prices to those seen in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets here in Australia,” David said.

“We looked at three products of similar description and compared the prices consumers are paying here and those in Japan – stir fry, rump and cubes used in casseroles here and popular in Japan for beef curry. In Japan, trim, quality and presentation are of a higher standard than our supermarkets offer us. However, this aside, the Japanese family are enjoying our grass-fed product at lower costs than us.”