Applications open for the National Mentoring Program

09 February 2023

The National Farmers’ Federation and Australian Rural Leadership Foundation are ready to connect more farmers, industry professionals and rural community members as mentees and mentors for the National Mentoring Program.

Having already connected more than 300 rural Australians with a mentor in drought-prone communities, this is a great opportunity to develop lifelong leadership skills for people 18 years and older in rural, regional and remote Australia. Apart from one-on-one mentoring sessions, you’ll also gain insights from industry leaders, and receive virtual learning sessions focusing on communication, leadership and self-awareness to develop drought preparedness, resilience and stronger networks.

The national program is open to individuals from various backgrounds and experiences, including agriculture, forestry and fisheries. We’re looking for both mentors and mentees to join the program. The program is fully funded by the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund. Applications are open until 3 April 2023.

Share your experience, learn from experience, be your best self and help rural Australia thrive – join the National Mentoring Program and get connected with a mentor or mentee.