Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Amendment Bill 2019

18 November 2019

The TFGA commends the Government on the tabling of the Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Amendment Bill 2019 this morning in Parliament. TFGA CEO Mr Peter Skillern said ‘’This bill is about protecting farming families and providing security for those farmers and their families, we can no longer tolerate nor should the community accept the type of invasions of private property and intimidation that we have seen on mainland states and in Tasmania.’’

Mr Skillern said ‘’The TFGA supports the rights of individuals to engage in lawful protests to express their particular political or philosophical views, however this does not override the right of family farms and their employees to undertake their lawful business. We all have an expectation that our homes and our ability to earn a livelihood should not be unduly impeded.’’

The TFGA will be engaging all parties to ensure the successful passage of this important bill.