TFGA Supports Tasmanian Government Net Zero 2030 Target

12 November 2021

Tasmania's peak farming body has produced a range of commitments it is seeking from the State Government relating to climate change.

The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) has developed the commitments along with the formation of an Agricultural Sustainability Committee to oversee its response to the challenges of climate change. It is the first such committee formed by the farming body to manage a sustainable and profitable approach to the issue. The committee will be comprised farmer representatives but will leave the option of co-opting other members with special expertise, as required.

Analysis of the State Government policy position of a new zero emissions target by 2030 has been an early consideration for the new committee.

"The TFGA supports the State Government policy position of a net zero emissions target by 2030, but reserves the right to adjust this position, depending on circumstances and impact on the rural community," Mr Marcus McShane, TFGA President said.

TFGA, as the peak farming body for Tasmania, wants Tasmanian Government commitment that:

  1. Farmers will be consulted and included in discussions and decisions on the policy and practical frameworks to achieve a net zero emissions target by 2030 from the start of these processes.
  2. The government will continue to invest in climate change and emissions reduction adaptation and mitigation, development, and extension programmes for agriculture.
  3. An increased investment in drought preparedness initiatives.
  4. Emissions reduction targets will not be set in isolation from economic development and rural community resilience policy.
  5. Emissions reduction policies will accommodate agriculture industry growth and recognise productivity.
  6. There will be funding opportunities with industry that accelerate the uptake of new technological innovations in Tasmanian farming systems.
  7. The state’s regulatory and policy environment will facilitate commercialisation of these new technological advances.

Tasmanian farmers and agriculture industries are looking for leadership and guidance with these issues and for a collaborative approach with government, Mr McShane stated. Without such cooperation there is a strong possibility that there will be a dilution of impact and a disenfranchised agriculture community.

Mr Marcus McShane

TFGA President