TFGA Revamps Priorities For The Year Ahead

09 January 2023

9 January 2023

Get Ready for Enhanced Engagement, Greater Collaboration And A Better Member Experience!

The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) has outlined its priorities for the year ahead, focusing on advocacy, engagement, collaboration and facilitation with members, key decision-makers and the wider Tasmania community.

The TFGA aims to be more visible and influential in addressing issues affecting its members and will work to bring together the agricultural sector and promote collaboration on crucial issues surrounding supply chains, agricultural training, and labour shortages in 2023.

TFGA President Ian Sauer, said: "we need to work together as one voice across the supply chain. We're going to be bringing together the agricultural sector and knocking down the old silos, which are just madness and are reinventing the wheel."

The organisation will also implement a new council and committee restructuring process in March to allow for more significant member input and more efficient policy development.

"Restructuring our councils will mean members will be able to have a much greater say, and it'll be more open, more transparent, and policy development will be much faster." He said.

In addition, the TFGA is focused on building its brand and image to attract the next generation of farmers.

"We will organise face-to-face regional meetings with members and non-members so everyone can hear what we're doing. And most importantly, so that we can hear their views." Mr Sauer said,

The goal for TFGA in the coming year is to be a professional, respected and heard organization representing its members.

Mr Sauer said, "We're going to be moving into our new home in Longford this year, which will bring us closer to the rural community and allow you greater access to the organisation without having to navigate through town."

"We'll also be looking at our brand and our image and making sure that we can attract the next generation of farmers so that we can be more relevant in the rural community," he said.

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