TFGA Joins Nationwide Celebrations of National Volunteers Week

30 May 2023

The Tasmanian Farmers and Grazers Association (TFGA) proudly joins in celebrating National Volunteers Week from 15 - 21 May. This year's theme, "Change Makers," highlights the exceptional contributions of volunteers in our community, and the TFGA is taking the opportunity to recognise and applaud their efforts. President of the TFGA, Ian Sauer expressed his gratitude to all the volunteers who give their time freely. He said the TFGA would like to thank the volunteers out there making a difference to build better communities.

Mr Sauer said, “This week highlights the remarkable efforts of regional communities when it comes to volunteering, with a participation rate of 41%, surpassing that of major cities at 34%.”

"Farming families actively engage in volunteerism, generously giving their time to various local initiatives such as football clubs, Landcare and Coastal care groups, as well as the local hospital auxiliary," said Mr Sauer.

In many instances, they serve as the very glue that binds our rural communities together. Whether it's a personal emergency like falling off a roof or having a heart attack, a house fire, or even a car accident on a country road, volunteers are often on the front line, offering their assistance.

“When a bushfire devastates fencing, it is the dedicated volunteers from organisations like Blaze Aid who lend their support and help rebuild, doing it all in their own spare time.

TFGA director and GP Dr Elizabeth Lord said volunteering in your local community had many health benefits.

“Being a volunteer gives people opportunities to make meaningful connections with different groups in their community, which is very important given how socially isolated some members of our community are.”

“The sense of purpose and feeling that they are making a positive impact as a volunteer is also vital for people’s overall well-being,” said Dr Lord.

To the invaluable members of our TFGA volunteer committees, Mr Sauer says, “Thank you, we recognise your hard work and dedication to the TFGA”.

The TFGA celebrates National Volunteers Week with a deep appreciation for the extraordinary economic and social impact that volunteers bring, not only to Tasmania but especially to our rural communities Australia-wide. Their unwavering dedication keeps rural Tasmania alive and thriving.