TFGA demands increased action on fruit fly

16 February 2018

The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) is disappointed to note the need for an extended fruit fly control zone in the State.

“While we understand and support the need to extend the zone, this highlights the concerns that we have had around this fruit fly incursion,” TFGA CEO Peter Skillern said. 

He said that the new zone boundaries would provide Biosecurity Tasmania with an opportunity to “reset”, and the TFGA also now demanded and expected the following:

  • that all major arterial roads in and out of the zone should have manned checkpoints;
  • that all roads in and out of the zone should be appropriately and visibly signed;
  • that there should be a demonstrable Biosecurity Tasmania presence within the control area;
  • that there should be an accelerated communications strategy for those not only within the zone but the broader Tasmanian community;
  • that any disposal bins within, or at the boundary of, the zone should be sealed one-way bins as opposed to the current wheelie bins;
  • that any breach of the control area should be prosecuted accordingly; and
  • that information centres should be established within the control area to provide appropriate advice to the community and the significant number of tourists arriving in the State via the Port of Devonport.

“We will hold the Government accountable for any failure to meet these standards. This is about protecting our valuable markets and demonstrating to them that, as a State, we are professional and serious about the eradication of this insidious pest,” Mr Skillern said.