TFGA: “Deeply worried about political developments”

15 May 2023

The Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers (TFGA) are deeply concerned about recent developments within the Tasmanian government.

Agriculture is a major pillar of the economic and social fabric of Tasmania, so any loss in confidence that impacts agribusiness due to political instability in this state should be a concern for every Tasmanian.

President of the TFGA, Ian Sauer said, " The TFGA is fortunate to have bipartisan support in the Tasmanian Parliament, which has been crucial for our industry's growth in recent times".

"However; It's important to note that analysis over the past 50 years shows that whenever the government is in the minority, progress slows down, resulting in a potential lack of confidence.

"A reduction in confidence in the Tasmanian economy would discourage and diminish investment in various industries such as tourism, infrastructure, and agribusiness," said Mr Sauer.

The government has positioned Tasmania as the nation’s leading economy and the TFGA stands ready to continue working for a sustainable and prosperous future for the agricultural industry.

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