Tasmanian potato industry, the review of the IRA

16 October 2020

After a meeting of TFGA Potato grower representatives and a fresh market representative today the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) are Requesting further talks around the following:

  • An enhanced inspection regime for the importation of fresh potatoes, in addition to the Ransom recommendations into Tasmania until the completion of the review of the Import Risk Assessment (IRA)
  • That the current proposed time line for the review of the IRA be truncated to be completed by the end of the 2020.
  • That all current disease area freedom status in Tasmania be reaffirmed as a component of the review.
  • That all necessary resources that are required by Biosecurity Tasmania and TIA to help the industry collate all virus testing data into a central database to address the concerns around area freedom be provided as a priority.
  • That labelling of imported product with a "State of origin" label in addition to the “Do not plant” label as recommended in the Ransom review.

While the industry does not wish to impede free trade they nevertheless believe that the risks associated with not implementing the above is causing genuine concern in the Tasmanian potato industry, the review of the IRA, will in the view of our members, provide certainty moving forward and a contemporary environment in which to operate in the potato industry.


Hayley Stepchuk, TFGA Media Liaison

(PH): 03 6332 1800

(MOB): 0407 863 111