TasFarmers seizes election opportunity

16 February 2024

Tasmania's Peak Body for Farmers says it is focused on fostering an informed debate and promoting constructive engagement during this election campaign.

TasFarmers president, Ian Sauer said with the election now being called it was an opportunity to clear the air and focus on the big picture things that matter for Tasmanians.

Mr Sauer said, "What we're concerned about is some individuals putting personal interest ahead of those constituents they represent, which hasn't done anything for business or industry".

"With the election now called, we hope the result might be a majority government. We know from experience from over the past 50 years that whenever we have a minority government, progress is slow and business confidence slumps.

"TasFarmers has been grateful for the bipartisan support we've received, with our concerns being attentively listened to by representatives from across the political spectrum.

"Our primary objective is to facilitate an informed debate about power prices, the freight equalisation scheme, and reducing red tape for farmers.

"We've also reached out to members for their perspective for their input into a policy package, we know our members want a commitment to fixing the freight problems for King Island.

“We will be asking, all the parties for their comment as we present the package of issues and we'll make those comments public a week before the election, ensuring transparency and accountability,” Said Mr Sauer.

TasFarmers remains steadfast in its commitment to representing the interests of Tasmania’s Farming community. As we navigate this pivotal election campaign, we encourage meaningful discussion and debate about the issues impacting the livelihoods of Tasmania.

Grayson Genders, Manager Communications and Engagement
(Mob): 0407 863 111

About TasFarmers:
TasFarmers (formerly known as Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association) is the leading advocacy organisation for the agricultural industry in Tasmania. With a strong commitment to representing farmers' interests, TasFarmers works tirelessly to foster sustainable growth and development within the sector.