TasFarmers Honours Volunteers

27 May 2024

TasFarmers proudly joins the nationwide celebration of National Volunteer Week from 20 - 26 May. This year's theme, "Something for everyone," invites us to explore the rich diversity of volunteering opportunities available in our communities.

TasFarmers President Ian Sauer expressed his profound gratitude to all volunteers who generously donate their time, and encouraged those who maybe haven’t considered volunteering to do so.

“If you've ever considered volunteering, now is the perfect time to get involved. There's something for everyone, and every contribution helps make a positive impact on the community you live in,” Mr Sauer said.

Recent statistics reveal the remarkable scale of volunteerism in Tasmania:

- 297,000 Tasmanians over 15 years of age volunteer, accounting for 68.8% of the adult population.

- Volunteers contribute a staggering 2 million hours annually, with an average of 229 hours per volunteer each year.

- The economic impact of volunteering in Tasmania is substantial, generating at least $4 billion in benefits to the state.

- Volunteering is the largest sector in Tasmania, surpassing both the private and government sectors.

“TasFarmers recognise that rural and regional Tasmania would be a completely different place without volunteers. From the local football and dance clubs to fire and ambulance services, and Landcare groups, volunteers provide so much.

“Our volunteers provide an enormous public benefit. If volunteers, especially in rural and regional areas, weren't there, then our regional areas would be very different from what they are today. There'd be no fire brigade, no football, no ambulance, no Landcare.

“They are the backbone without them there would be no one looking after our elderly and no volunteer palliative care. Volunteers touch every part of our community. We recognise it, and Farmers recognise it.

“We ask that everyone recognise and thank all the volunteers, and we encourage people to find a couple of hours a week to donate to volunteering. The benefits are huge,” said Mr Sauer.

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, TasFarmers acknowledges the extraordinary economic, social, and environmental contributions that volunteers make, not only in Tasmania but across Australia.